Low Profile Ripple Jets

Hydrotherapy, Redefined

Imagined with Sleekness and Innovation

Bearingless, non-invasive, and always relaxing.

Your spa should provide you with a boost of daily positivity that uplifts spirits and increases relaxation. However, the bulky design, faulty bearings, and uncomfortable pin-point pressure of traditional jet systems can create anything but ease within your spa. With Arctic Spas’ Low Profile Jets, relaxation can finally be simple, and unimpeded.

These innovative jets utilize a sleek, rotating, and bearingless design to provide a range of massage sensations from gentle to invigorating. Exhilarate your senses with a personal masseuse that perfectly caters to your desired style of hydrotherapy.

Featuring convenient technology like screw-out removal, corrosion proof finishes, and bearingless oscillation, these jets stand the test of time while offering easy maintenance and replacement capabilities.

low profile ripple jet
low profile ripple jet