Don’t Overlook Energy Costs with Your Hot Tub Purchase

by Jun 4, 2024

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Getting a hot tub is an exciting prospect – just imagine unwinding in warm, soothing water after a long day. But, before deciding on your ideal spa, t here’s an important factor you’ll want to consider: energy usage. Without the careful selection of an energy efficient spa, your monthly utilities can skyrocket. Thankfully, there are dozens of innovative hot tubs that can prevent this substantial bill increase.

The primary factors in determining the monthly cost of operating your hot tub are:

  1. Your energy rate
    Your energy rate, or how much you pay per kilowatt (kWh), is the most significant factor in determining your hot tub’s operating cost. By opting for a longer-term plan with your energy provider, you can secure a lower cost per kWh, giving you more control over your expenses.
  2. How energy efficient the hot tub is
    A spa that utilizes energy more efficiently will drastically decrease its reliance on your energy grid.


Factors of Efficiency in an Arctic Spas® Hot Tub


1. FreeHeat™

Arctic Spas’ proprietary insulation technology, FreeHeat™, is the gold standard for combating heat loss in hot tubs. By only insulating your spa’s floor and walls, Arctic Spas® leaves internal elements foam-free and accessible. This means that, heat naturally produced from internal components can be used to heat the shell and water of your hot tub, drastically decreasing energy requirements and cost per use.

FreeHeat Evolution Sign

2. MyIovac™ Cover

Our MyIovac™ cover plays a vital role in maintaining the temperature of your hot tub. Inspired by the unpredictable nature of the Canadian environment, Mylovac™ was built with unparalleled durability and innovative features throughout. This cover utilizes a domed design allowing snow and rain to easily run off of it.


Additionally, this cover maintains heat by utilizing double-density foam interwoven with a metal channel for both strength and support. It will never sag and can support thousands of pounds, making loads from extreme weather conditions unproblematic. Finally, MyIovac™ decreases energy consumption with its dense foam insulation, locking straps, insulated baffle, and protective wind flaps to seal the warmth of your tub.


3. Composite Shell

Arctic Spas’ composite shell offers two-way heat transfer technology that assists in keeping your shell and water hot! We are so confident in the longevity and durability of our shell, we back it with a lifetime guarantee.



Investing in a hot tub can be one of the most excellent decisions you can make! However, choosing your ideal spa requires careful consideration of various factors, including energy costs and consumption. Arctic Spas’ commitment to energy conservation means that our spas cost less to operate, allowing you to simply unwind in comfort.